Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Subjunctive or chimera is used to express / express the hope that can not be met.
          • Future
the formula :  S¹ + wish + S² + could/would + V¹/be

Example: I wish you would stop saying that.
(I hope you'll stop saying it)
I wish she would come to my party to night
(I hope he will be able to come to my party this week)
          • Present
the formula : S¹ + wish + S² + V2/were

Example: I wish you were old enough to marry me.
(I hope now this old you are old enough to marry me)
They wish They did not have to go to school today.
(they hope now is they do not have to go to school)
          • Past
the formula : S¹ + wished + S² + had V3/could have V3

Example: She Wished she had had more time last night.
(I hope last night he had a lot of time)

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