Saturday, June 2, 2012

10 Most Common Grammatical Errors

1. Agreement
When subjects do not agree in number or person with their verbs.
When pronouns do not agree in number or person with their antecedents.

2. Comma Splices
When two sentences are connected with only a comma.

3. Misplaced / Dangling Modifiers
When modifiers (words that limit or describe other words) are in the wrong place.

4. Passive Voice
When the subject of a sentence is acted upon.

5. Possessive Case
When nouns or pronouns do not show possession properly.

6. Pronoun Reference
When pronouns refer to their antecedents incorrectly.

7. Punctuation (comma, semicolon, or colon)
When commas, semi-colons or colon are used incorrectly.

8. Sentence fragments
When sentences are incomplete.

9. Word Choice
When the wrong word is used.

10. Wordiness
When empty or meaningless words obscure meaning.

                                                                                     The Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre

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