Monday, June 18, 2012


Words that name people, places and things are called nouns. The following lists a variety of nouns.
PEOPLE        : Teacher, girls, boys
PLACES        : province, lake, west sumatra
THINGS        :           ANIMALS                : dog, cat, hen
OBJECTS                  : motorcycle, car, television
SUBSTANCES         : iron, air, gold
ACTIONS                  : (a) race, (the) dance, (the) hits
MEASURES : kilogram, centimeter, day
QUALITIES: happiness honesty beauty
Nouns can be found anywhere in a sentence, and most sentences contain several nouns. One way to find nouns is to look for the little words a, an, the. The naming word that comes after them is probably a noun. Sometimes nouns appear without these little words, but you can usually insert them without changing the meaning of the sentence.
Paul and his children visited the continent of Africa and saw some lions.
·         Paul is a noun that names a person.
·         Children name people nouns in this
·         Continent names a thing picture?
·         Africa names a place
·         Lions name a thing.

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