Saturday, July 7, 2012

Using And

            And is used to join elements in order to stress what they have in common. And join pairs of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, phrases, and clauses. According to Azar (1985:226) when and connects only two items within a sentences, no commas are used. When and connects three or more items in a series in a sentence, commas are used. And than Robinson and Penner (2005) state that and is used to add other idea. Furthermore, and is used as a conjunction when the words or phrases are equal importance and both conditions exist. Examples:
1.   He saw a spider, a bat, and a ghost
In this sentences, and connect three or more nouns, so commas are used.
2.   I saw a rabbit and a bird
In this sentence, and connect two nouns, so commas is not used
3.   I cut vegetables and wash fruits.
In this sentences, no commas are used because and connect only two verbs (cut + wash)
4.    My pen is blue and black
In this sentences, and connects two adjectives (no commas are used)

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