Saturday, July 14, 2012


One of features  found in Indonesian newspapers especially in bengkulu newspaper is a space specifically dedicated to articles discussing ongoing issues in Indonesia. The topic covered by this feature varies and one of them is on educational issues, both nationally and regionally related issues. So, this feature becomes an open medium for its readers to discuss ongoing educational issues. However, it is also important to note   that, to a certain degree, this feature is potential to influence the public opinion either to sustain or  to challenge the current practice.
There are various linguistic aspects which may be investigated in such articles.One of them is its intertextuality. It is an aspect which has been least paid attention to. In fact, intertextuality is always present in any piece of writing. Therefore, it is interesting to investigate the intertextuality in the opinion articles on education in Bengkulu newspapers.The term intertextuality has an extensive meaning and use. It is closely related to the term text itself. When the term text is understood in general semiotics, it may refer both linguistic and non-linguistic text. However, this study is focused on linguistic text and what is meant by intertextuality should be understood from the beginning as linguistic intertextuality then. The study itself is focused on investigating its types, functions, and discursive practice. Intertextuality is not a matter of decorating a text with other texts and its application in a text does not bear any underlying meaning. It is not used by a writer   only   to   illuminate   his/her   text   without   bearing   a   certain   meaning.   The use of intertextuality does have its meaning in text though the meaning itself is not consciously construed by the writer. Even, the reason stating that intertextuality is there because it is a common practice of a certain text indicates that there   exists   the   meaning.The meaning being displayed there   is   that   it   is   as common practice. Therefore, the meaning that emerges from the use of intertextuality in a text should be perceived differently from the lexical meaning of words.
The social meaning of intertextuality is construed in relation to a certain social practice to which a particular sort of text adhered. The behavior of how it is paradigmatically used across texts in the same genre is the major clue to disclose its social meaning. A scientific   journal   article   and   a newspaper article, though both are written on the same topic area, certainly differ in many respects. What makes them to each other different is its discursive practice.
People may talk about “a discourse of educational advertisement”.They certainly talk   about series of advertisement texts concerning with education. However, they do not talk only about the number of the texts, but also most importantly features shared by those texts. Since each feature brings with it a social-interactional meaning, its discursive practice constitutes its social practice.On the basis of the discursive practice of certain features,then,   people may talk about “a commercialization discourse in education”for instance. writer excerpts the text being intertextualized. And, finally, it is related to the textual function which is fulfilled by the intertextuality in the text. 

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