Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kinds of Sentence

There are some kinds of sentences, they are: Affirmative sentence, negative sentence, interrogative sentence (Danesi, 2006: 1)
1. Affirmative sentence
Affirmative sentence is a sentence that allows you to state or affirm something in a straightforward way. In written speech, it has a period at the end. Examples :
a.    He speaks English very well.
b.   That girl plays the piano exceptionally well.
c.    All our relatives live in Mexico
1.   Negative sentence
Negative sentence allows you to deny, contradict, or refuse something. There are several ways to make sentences (and clauses) negative. If the sentence (or clause) is constructed with the verb be, put not after the verb. Examples :
a.  He doesn’t speak English very well.
b.   That doctor is not my cousin
c.    The child doesn’t sleep a lot
2.   Interrogative sentence
Interrogative sentence is one that allows you to ask questions, make inquiries, express doubts, and so on. Examples:
a.    Are those children your cousins?
b.   Is Ann your friend?
c.    Was the child sleeping?
There are three main types of interrogative sentence. The first is yes/ no question, Wh question and the last tag questions (Danesi, 2006:19).

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